Sunday, January 19, 2014

Tree Huggers and Cats!

Tree Huggers and Cats!


The joker was wild
When the night was still young
Dressed up to the nines
In his holsters and guns.

And lean on the curves
With their backs to the sun
The cats on the prowl
Had their buttons undone.

But he had it in spades
As he shuffled inside
Just skirting the edge
Till the music had died.

And borderline quiet
That look in his eyes
When somebody whispered
Let sleeping dogs lie.

But he drew on a pair
With the lady in red
When discretion and better...

Had crept up to their beds
Where she rifled his drawers
And left him for dead.

And the moral...well that!
Ye gotta be careful
When you're dealing with

Frank Murphy.

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