Monday, March 28, 2011

The Life And Times Of A "Gotcha"

The Life And Times Of A "Gotcha"
By James Linnane.

As the title suggests this is an account of the life and times of a few good men and more than a few you'd be well advised to give a wide berth to. An often hilarious and sometimes blow by blow account of his years spent guarding the building sites and bar-rooms and car-parks and quarries and whatever you're having yourself. And sometimes they were having it themselves. A sub-set of characters who refused to be tied to the ordinary and paid for it in long hours and badly paid shifts. James Linnane captures both the tedium and boredom and the endless hours and you wonder on just what got left out. This would make great television. Move over Mrs Brown! A member of both The Meath Writers' Circle and The Boyne Writers Group, James may be gathering information for a third book! More information on this one though can be had over on Michael Farry's site. Just click on the link opposite. The book is published by and retails at €10 Euro. See website!

Photo: Bookcover.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Boyne Readings/Noel King

Boyne Readings.

Noel King of Tralee and "Doghouse Publishing" was the guest reader at The Knightsbridge Village Hall in Trim last night and kept everyone entertained with both his wit and insight and a stage presence that is not too often in the gift of others. Paddy Smith's introductions though are worthy of a mention here. A sort of follow that, and merit an award, or at least keeps everyone on their toes. Noel read from his book of poems "Prophesying the Past" and to hear Noel, just reel back one page for The Locke Bar in Limerick. Other contributions on the night came from both members of The Boyne Writers Group and The Meath Writers' Circle with Oran Ryan dropping in to read one of his poems as well. A lot of talent in one room and tea afterwards. What more could you want!

Photos: Left/ Orla Fay, Caroline Finn and Tom Dredge
          Right/Tommy Murray and Noel French, Oran Ryan
                   Noel King and Paddy Smith.

Monday, March 21, 2011

'On The Nail' Reading @ the Locke Bar, Limerick 1st July 2010 (Noel King)

Boyne Readings.

Noel King of Tralee is the guest reader at The Knightsbridge Village Hall in Trim County Meath on the 24th of this month. A writer, actor, and musician his first book of poetry "Prophesying the Past" (Salmon Poetry) has recently been published. I came across this video of him reading at The Locke Bar in Limerick so it is sure to be an entertaining night Much more information over on Michael Farry's site if you click on the link opposite. Also if you go to the youtube site for the above there is other information as well. Start time is 8pm and for €5 Euro you get to read your own piece and there are tea and biscuits afterwards. All welcome!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

William Rowan Hamilton.

The Poetry of Science.

William Rowan Hamilton was born in 1805 at Dominick street in Dublin and sent to live with his Uncle the Reverend James Hamilton in Trim County Meath when he was three years old. A child prodigy, by then he could speak three languages and by his teens was proficient in thirteen. He studied at Trinity College in Dublin and by his early twenties was Professor of Astronomy and Royal Astronomer of Ireland. His greatest contribution to science and drawing on Wikipedia for a source, was said to be, or perhaps, "the reformulation of  Newtonian mechanics, now known as Hamiltonian mechanics", but that just touches on some of the disciplines. He was a giant of his age and has been described as Ireland's most brilliant scientist.

A friend of Maria Edgeworth and William Wordsworth he was torn between a love of poetry and science "though fortunately for posterity" (Dionysius Lardner's World) he choose science, but if I remember correctly Wordsworth may have had an influence here. I read somewhere also of his search for a link between the higher levels of poetry and science, though I might contend that poetry is that which prose can best explain but never understand. On a visit to the Langford Estate in Summerhill County Meath he met and fell madly in love with one Catherine Disney and was broken hearted when her parents married her off to a Reverend Barlow. He later married Helen Bayly. The following are a few lines from an autobiographical poem he wrote in 1826.

The Enthusiast

"At length his bitter anguish passed away
But left him darkly changed, his mind awoke
Its powers were unimpaired, and the affection
Of his fond friends could warm his bosom still
And he seemed happy; though his heart was chilled
And he was the enthusiast no more"

Sir William Rowan Hamilton
(4th August 1805-2th September 1865) 

Sources: Wikipedia and    and Dionysius Lardener's World. Available from Google.
And with thanks to Google Images. 

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

St Patrick's Day March from Fort Apache

Something to entertain you for the day that's in it! And from a great western too. When dancing was dancing! Enjoy the parades. With thanks to youtube and the person who posted it.

Friday, March 11, 2011

The Meath Writers' Circle March 2011.

The Meath Writers' Circle

The Meath Writers' Circle held their monthly meeting at the Castle Hotel in Trim last last night with a little competition from the more fashionably attired. A thing of beauty is a joy forever and some of the poetry wasn't bad either. A night of mixed marriage and cremation, and while Willie told a tale of missing the boat and refused to go in to any detail other than that, Paul read of "The Raven", and Tommy held everyone spellbound with the tale of Conor Callaghan's ghost, or stay out of Carnaross. Sean read something about McCafferty The Cat  while a blonde walked up and down and  James read extracts from his second book "The Life and Times of a Gotcha". Mark read a fine poem of watching the world go by and I read something myself. Jimmy had a ballad about a certain operation performed and from memory too. The poem that is, and more to come about the book! 

Photos: Some of those attending Last Night's event: A search for the lost verse? 

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Tommy Murray at the Delish in Cavan . Part1

This is a video of Tommy Murray reading some of his poetry at the Delish for the launch of "The Moth" magazine, a magazine I've yet to get my hands on, but however, this is part one of Tommy's contribution, with part two to come! A winner of numerous awards for his poetry and storytelling, and some of that material can be read over at "Meath Books" just click on the link opposite or go to youtube for other videos. Chairman of The Meath Writers' Circle he also runs a children's' group in Navan library on a Saturday morning.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Navan Shamrock Festival.

Literary Events.

To celebrate Library Ireland Week and The Navan Shamrock Festival, Navan library are hosting a number of events you might want to add to your calendar, starting with a....

(1) Creative Writing Workshop.

 A Creative Writing Workshop with Edel Gillick will be held in the library on Wednesday the 9th of March  from 10am to 1pm. Booking is essential but no charge applies.

(2) "In My Father's Time"

As part of The Shamrock Festival a night of poetry, prose and song to the theme of  "In My Father's Time" will be held in the Library on Thursday the 10th of March starting at 7pm. So there's two events worth getting yourself along to, and finally...

(3) The Junior Writers' Group.

Tommy Murray, Meath's best known poet, and The Junior Writers' Group will have their own evening of poetry and prose on Tuesday the 15th of March at the same venue starting at 7pm so don't be late. 

With thanks to "The Sheriff" for the above information!!

For more information about the Shamrock Festival go to:

Saturday, March 5, 2011


Another man with very strong local connections, if that's not an understatement, was none other than the great Duke himself. The family home though is something of a ruin and one that doesn't make it into any of the tourist brochures, or at least into any of the ones that I've seen. Located out at Dangan near Summerhill County Meath it rarely gets a mention and that's surprising giving the importance of the man, though maybe his remark about stables and horses added a little bias; but I suspect we are a little negligent when it comes to anything related to heritage. A little of the history of the place is told in the video above and "trimtownnews" can be credited with posting it. Quoting from the above a visitor described it as a place where there was nothing to do but "eat drink and enjoy oneself".

"No sleep till morn
when youth and pleasure meet
to chase the glowing hours
with flying feet"

Byron: "Eve of Waterloo"

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Swift in Trim (RTE)

Came across this interesting piece while searching for deanswift on youtube. Well worth a look. Posted by "trimtownnews" and filmed by RTE so the quality is excellent. Must learn something from that and the summer coming. So with thanks to the above!