Friday, May 28, 2010

Great Sign Offs.

Sign Offs and Sound-Bytes.

A list compiled by Odeon Cinemas some time back (Article: Daily Mirror) of the great parting shots of the movie industry was a round up of all the usual suspects, though curiously enough Rick and Louis's little exchange at the end of Casablanca did not make it into the top ten. No accounting for taste! And surely a true measure is when it moves off the silver screen and into everyday language. Words to be credited to Richard Storton of Odeon Cinemas. No women made it on to the list, though I would make a great case for Katy Jurado in High Noon, even though it wasn't at the end of the film and there were any number of lines. Arnold Schwarzenegger topped the list with "I'll be back" and who could argue with that. James Cagney made it to number nine with "Made it Ma! Top of the world!" in White Heat, but I remember The Roaring Twenties and if my memory serves me well he went out on a high there as well. Sometimes though great lines move in the other direction and ole Rooster coming through the trees "Fill your hands you sons of bitches!" was originally uttered, I believe, by one Kid Sligo who made it into the wrong century and came out shooting. Reference that to Ireland's Own. Other favourites that didn't make it onto the list would have to be Jules for his little biblical scene in one of the best gangster films ever made "Pulp Fiction". And then there's "Yeah, I'm Will Munny... I could go on but I'll finish with a poem recited at the funeral of a great broadcaster and one that did make it onto the list. Here's Roy,

From, The Blade Runner.

I've seen things you wouldn't believe
Attack ships on fire of the shoulders of Orion
I've watched C-beams glitter in the dark
Near the Tanhauser gate
All of these moments will be lost in time
Like tears in the rain....
Time to die.
Photo: Ruins of Athlumney Castle, Navan.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Small Impact Creative Writers' Group.

Kayley Dunne Appeal.

The Small Impact Creative Writers' Group who are based in Navan Library are holding a fund raising night in The Lantern Bar Watergate Street Navan on the 27th of May in aid of the above appeal and would appreciate your support. Local musicians and writers will be in attendance to provide entertainment, so if you're free on the night. Kayley is due to travel to America in October for a life changing operation and needs to raise €50,ooo Euro to cover expenses. More information on "The Sheriff From Navan" site. Just click on the link opposite. With thanks for the info. "Help Kayley Walk" is the home site for the above.

Photo: Small Impact Creative Writers Event December 2009. Navan Library.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Boyne Readings/Willie G. Hodgins.

Boyne Readings.
On what was a beautiful summer's evening a fair number of people turned out at The Knightsbridge Village Hall in Trim to hear Willie G. Hodgins read from his collection "Sunflower" . A native of Faughan Hill Bohermeen Willie's poetry has been described as both refreshing and slightly mischievous (Paddy Smith: Meath Chronicle) and he knows how to tell a good short story as well. A number of other readers pitched in with some fine poetry and stories of personal interest. Tommy Murray had a copy of the new Meath Anthology by Tom French while James Linnane had another book, which I didn't get a good look at, by no less than Kieran Furey, (a friend of his) who got mentioned by Pat Duffy in a poem about Strokestown Co. Roscommon. It's a small world folks.
Dazzled by beauty the bloom is fair
Enjoying the colour, this flower is rare
Dream of a sweetheart I really love
Hoping the sun keeps shining above.
Loving each moment I stand and admire
Gazing in wonder my blood now on fire
Fearful to touch there may be a thorn
Wake from my dream, a cold winter's morn.
Willie G. Hodgins.
Photo: Pat Duffy, Willie G. Hodgins, Tommy Murray, and Paddy Smith.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Boyne Readings and Open Mic.

Boyne Readings.

Willie G. Hodgins of The Meath Writers' Circle is the guest reader at the next open mic session in The Knightsbridge Village Hall Trim Co. Meath. A native of Bohermeen, Willie has been writing poetry now for a good number of years, and also tries his hand at short stories and items of local interest. He launched his first book of poems "Sunflower" in Navan library back around April 2009 and if you enjoy good company by the fire this book is for you. On the night, the admission is €5 Euro, and tea and biscuits afterwards.
Photo: Willie reading at the launch in Navan Library.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A Swift Debate,

A Swift Debate.

Paddy Smith and Michael Farry, and others I hasten to add, are to hold a series of debates in the Public Houses in Trim in conjunction with, or leading up to the Swift Festival in the town which runs from the 1st to the 4th of July this year. The debates will consist of teams of three representing the different establishments and having to argue for and against on subjects drawn from a hat. Nerves of steel! The time allotted to be one minute for and one minute against. Turning on the bell! Not for the faint hearted! Details can be had by contacting either of the above two gentlemen or anyone on the Swift Committee. Click on the link opposite for Michael Farry or the Boyne Writers' site for contact details. A mock run was held tonight in The Malt Bar Athboy Gate Trim and I'm still recovering.
Photo: Combatants and Judges.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

The Meath Writers' Circle/May 2010

Meath Writers' Circle.

The Meath Writers' Circle held their monthly get together at The Castle Hotel in Trim tonight with Paddy Smith of the Boyne Writers dropping in with the program notes and the rules for The Battle of the Books. An event to take place during The Swift Festival in the town which runs from the 1st to the 4th of July. Judges to operate from an agreed definition of satire! Get your retaliation in first. Plots afoot! Anyway all sound very interesting, with "Fringe Festival" as extra.

Tommy Murray has plans to publish a novel for teenagers, and a book of poetry for children, news of the launch dates to be announced in the near future. How does he do it? And Pat Bennett should have a book ready later in the year,while James Linnane is also close to finishing his. And just to finish off some of the poetry and prose read tonight was exceptional. Hard to keep up!
Photo: Paddy Smith making sure all is clear!