Friday, December 29, 2017

Peggy Murphy R.I.P.

Peggy Murphy R.I.P.

My mother passed away on the 23rd after eleven weeks in hospital. Although not very well for some time she loved writing poems about family and friends and was much in demand, especially for christenings, marriages and all kind of celebration but she also wrote poems in memory of loved ones and friends who had passed on. She was a regular contributor to The Meath Writers' Circle and The Christian Writers and many of her poems were published in the Meath Chronicle. She also brought out a number of poetry books and Paul Hennessy the well known tenor recorded her on DVD. Also some of her stories were broadcast on LMFM. Her poems about Dunshaughlin and the old Workhouse and her childhood days in Derrickstown have gone to many countries. Christmas was a special time of the year for her and she loved the get-together's with grandchildren and other relations. She also raised a considerable amount for different charities over the years and on one of her birthday parties instead of presents everything was donated to animal rescue. She purchased a knitting machine at one time and must have knitted jumpers for just about everyone in the parish. She was a member of the Kilmessan Active Retirement Group and the Dunshaughlin Friday Club and travelled all over Ireland on their special outings. She also went to Lourdes a number of times. To everyone who came to the funeral service or went in to visit her in hospital or sent their regards, a very big thank you.

The Hand of God

I see beauty in the stars
In the moon that shines on high
In the sun and in the rainbow
That arcs across the sky.

I see beauty everywhere
In the little birds and bees
The cattle grazing in the fields
The hedges and the trees.

The Hand of God is everywhere
In all things that I see
He made it all for us to share
And everything is free.

Peggy Murphy.

She will be missed. (Born 4th of July 1929 ~ Died 23rd December 2017)

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

An Tobar ~ Poetry For Pleasure!

An Tobar ~ Poetry For Pleasure 

Christmas Tree/Kilmessan
Chaired by Jim Owens the "Poetry For Pleasure" group had their Christmas get together last night in An Tobar Navan where the theme naturally enough was on the Christmas season and memories of times past. Everyone got to read or recite a favourite poem with Patrick Kavanagh coming up more than a few times. Other writers included were, Christina Rossetti, Henry Wordsworth, Anne Ridler, Mary Oliver, Sean Reilly, Camilus Kane, Noel Monahan, Carol Owens, Eugene Kane, Sean Kane, Frank Murphy, David Olney, Milo O' Shea and Willie G. Hodgins. I'm sure there were a few more that I've missed and there were some other stories told as well. Sean Reilly finished of with the Christmas carol, "Silent Night". The next meeting will be on Tuesday the 16th of January where the theme is "starting afresh".

Sunday, December 17, 2017

Christy Moore on politicians

Checked out a few versions of this. Heard it on The Late Late Show a couple of weeks back. The sound is not the best but it may be the best version. Written by Pat Quinn of Inisheer and a great piece of satire. With thanks to youtube and who posted.

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

The Pogues Featuring Kirsty MacColl - Fairytale Of New York (Official V...

Over 42 million people can't be wrong. Here's Shane and Kirsty. With thanks to youtube and Rhino UK who loaded.

Sunday, December 10, 2017

The Meath Writers' Circle/December Meeting!

The Meath Writers' Circle/ December Meeting 2017!

About eleven people turned out for what was our last meeting of 2017, with a summary or review of magazine sales or such, and to date more that a few hundred have been sold with more on order. A number of poems and stories were read and in the midst of all this a birthday cake came out so it was celebrations all round! Our Christmas or yearly party has been postponed though until February and anyone who is interested in going should get their name in asap.

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

The Moth Poetry Prize 2017!

The Moth Poetry Prize 2017!

This one has a closing date that's fast approaching so only a few weeks left to get your entries in. The first prize is €10,000 for an unpublished poem with three runner up prizes of €1000 and a short list of four will be chosen by the judge Daljit Nagra. the poems will be published in the spring 2018 issue and the overall winner will be announced at a special award ceremony at Poetry Ireland in Dublin in the spring. You can enter online or by post and an entry form and list of previous winners is available on the site. €12 per poem. Check out details!

Saturday, December 2, 2017

Kilmessan/Keep Memories Alive!

Snippets From The Skane Valley!

Front Cover
The Skane Valley Active Retirement Group which was founded in 2013 has today over 60 members and they meet every Tuesday morning in the old schoolhouse Kilmessan at eleven onwards. The above booklet which was launched this afternoon includes contributions from many of its members and covers a wide variety of topics and different interests, including poetry, prose, story telling, recipes , paintings, hints and tips, sayings, recollections and historical pieces. The introduction is by Joe Whelan and the painting on the cover is by Sheila Keating. If you would like some information about joining the group, contact Mary Carroll at 085 179 0744. The booklet retails at €3.