Saturday, January 26, 2008


A sad reflection
on our treatment
of animals.


Because a pig
Had caught the flue
From eating meat
For me and you
To save what's past
Its sell by date
They made
The countryside
A grate.
Much better
If they'd vacinate
The Leprechauns
That run the state.

Photograph: Westminster from
Across the Thames.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Notice Given

A poem about
the beginning
Of the end.
For some?

Notice Given

The Y-Detector Vans
Were out last night
Checking for spectacles.

Drag Hunting
Some redundant
Out on a limb
Whose time was up
Hugging the curves.

The best of them
Fit for anything
When the x-rays
Picked him up
Running on empty.

All over them he was
Genes in tatters
Privates biting
The hand that fed them.

A close shave
And a pair of high heels
And he could have made it
But they had him
In the end.
Photograph: The railway station at
Gormanston Co.Meath
Summer 2007.