Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Scurlogstown/Heritage Sunday 2016!

Scurlogstown/Heritage Sunday 2016!

Tossie Harrington, Willie G. Hodgins and Pat Farrelly

Heritage Sunday in Scurlogstown was an event that marked the centenary of 1916 Rising with readings by Pat Farrelly on the setting up of the Scurlogstown Olympiad in 1969 and its development over the years, also mentioning the importance of culture and heritage and items of local history. The connection between the Tailteann Games at Teltown and how Greek merchants who came to trade in Meath brought the idea back with them was also noted and it would seem that the sporting excellence we witnessed only a few weeks ago owes much to a small Townland between Navan and Kells. Jimmy Peppard read the Proclamation and his sister Cynthia gave a very interesting talk on the meeting between Dermot Mac Murrogh and Dervorgilla (O') Rourke. The rest as they say is history. There were other readings as well and music and games. The beautiful vintage Peugeot belongs to Tossie Harrington. 

Sunday, August 28, 2016

The Trees of Ballivor!

The Trees of Ballivor!

Noel French and Kieran Cummins
Made it down to Ballivor for an event that was part of National Heritage Week and organised or co-ordinated by Noel French and other members of the Ballivor Community Centre. The speaker was Kieran Cummins on the subject of trees and especially those that are native to the parish or the surrounding environs. Kieran is also a musician and photographer of note and his website has some interesting material if you click on the link below. The talk was followed by poetry readings from The Meath Writers' Circle on  the subject of trees and of course the conversation that followed and the tea and the hospitality was superb. With thanks to all there.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Westport Arts Festival/Poetry Competition 2016!

Westport Arts Festival/Poetry Festival 2016!

This one has a closing date that is very close, (September the 2nd) and no categories or themes. Came across it on the Poetry Ireland website competitions page and you can also check out full details of it on the Westport Arts Festival Facebook page. Entries online or by post but check out the details before sending. The first prize is €1000 with second and third prizes of €200 and €100 respectively. The entry fees are €5 for the first poem and €10 for three. Send your postal entries to the address below. Short listed entrants notified one week in advance. Winners during festival.

Postal Address: Westport Arts Festival Poetry Competition, C/O Westport Chamber of Commerce,
                        The Fairgreen, Westport County Mayo, Ireland.

From Google Images.

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Bective Abbey/ County Meath.

Bective Abbey!

Bective Abbey /County Meath

Passing Bective Abbey yesterday I stopped to take a photograph and not a very good one perhaps but if you're ever in the vicinity it's always worth a visit. The history of it goes back before the Normans and it's an important landmark, for those who are interested. The River Boyne runs close beside it and it's open for anyone who wants to visit. But as they say heed the signs! Below is a verse from a poem I came across in the "Kilmessan and Dunsany Yearbook 1993".  

"A peasant passing through Louvain
With dew-dimmed eyes would sadly see
The shattered shrines and fallen fane
And every field a cemetery
Place him on Tara's Hill
The same sad sights 
The landscape fill!

Philip. E. Daly 
(Late of Bective)

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Poetry and Song/St Elizabeth's, Athboy!

Poetry and Song/St Elizabeth's Athboy!

Sean Reilly
A big thank you to the members of The Meath Writers' Circle who turned out for what was an afternoon of music, poetry and song in St Elizabeth's on Monday afternoon. Also to the residents there who read poems or participated in any way, especially the fine singers. To our own Sean Reilly and Lori Dalton for their contributions, not forgetting Willie G. Hodgins who arranged the event and Peggy Murphy and of course the staff there who facilitated everything and kept us supplied with refreshments and such on what was a very entertaining afternoon. 

Sunday, August 14, 2016

So Long Marianne by Leonard Cohen

This is Leonard Cohen's tribute to Marianne Jensen (Marianne Ihlen) a girl he met on the Greek island of Hydra in 1960. She died on the 29th of July and his final letter to her was in Friday's Daily Mail and today's Sunday Times. Somebody gave me a copy of an LP of his back in the sixties and I think this was the lead track. Must look it up. There are other arrangements and recordings he made over the years but there's something about this one. With thanks to Song Lyrics Today who loaded and youtube. 

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Bailieborough Poetry Prize/2016!

Bailieborough Poetry Prize/2016!

From Bailieborough Poetry/Google Images.
The closing date for this competition is the 31st of August 2016 and it comes with a first prize of €300 for the winning poem and €50 for the second. There will also be a special prize for a local entrant domiciled in Cavan or Meath. Poems are not to exceed 50 lines and should be typed and single spaced with the competition open to anybody who has reached their 18th birthday. Up to three poems may be submitted per entry and you can submit as many entries as you wish. A fee of €5 per poem or three poems for €10 and you can enter online or by post. The postal address is: Bailieborough Poetry Competition, Litlab- c/o Bailieborough Library, Market Square, Bailieborough, Co Cavan and the judges for this year's competition are Michael Farry and Mairead Donnellan. But check out full details on their website! All shortlisted poems will be featured at a reading at Bailieborough Poetry Festival in October 2016.

Sunday, August 7, 2016

The Meath Writers' Circle/August Meeting 2016!

The Meath Writers' Circle/August Meeting 2016!

About fifteen people turned out for the August meeting of the Writers' Circle and with a theme on Romance ~ whatever you conceive it to be ~ it made for some interesting accounts! Readings are coming up in Ballivor and Athboy in the next few weeks but more on that to come. Members are reminded that submissions for the Christmas magazine are overdue and need to be in before the next meeting.

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Byron ~ She Walks In Beauty ~ poem with text

And still on the theme of romance what better than Lord Byron. What was it Lady Caroline Lamb said? With thanks to Audio Productions and youtube.