Saturday, December 30, 2006

Meath Voices

Book Launch.

"Meath Voices" is the latest in a series of books
produced by the Trim Poet Tommy Murray.
Best known for his poetry and prose he
borrows on the previous here to give a voice
to the experience of others.

It differs from the ordinary in that it touches
not just on the personal but includes some of
the finest photographs and images many
drawn from the author's own collection.
It is a collection of splendid ruins and stories,
of historical reference, often throwing light
on the unexpected and what was hidden in the

Whether it is the observations of a Thackeray
or a William Bulfin or simply schooldays
remembered the recollections here are an
interesting read. Like its sister companions
"Voices of Trim" and "Trim Looking Back",
a welcome edition.

Cover photograph: High Nellies/Trim.
"Meath Voices" Nonsuch Publishing.
All good Bookshops or on the Net.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

A Poem for Christmas


Who pays the ferryman his dues
When judgement day dead ends
In some abyss.
What part of fortune put its
Signature to this.
Some spread of fate
That calls your name
Across the stepping stones
From difference to same
No words explained
Nor stone engraved the sermon
That all must be saved until
The sun in Capricorn
When time stood still
His rising sign to mark
The way.
A cross beyond
The shortest day.
A poem for Historians and Astrologers.
Read again!

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Déja Vu

Déja Vu

One evening when you chance to find
The curtain drawn across your mind
A scene repeat in some disguise
Plays out and leaves you none the wise
Protecting what from what you ask
To steal away behind a mask
Or seal perhaps a sacred sign
From all the shadows running blind
Who search with questions why and wait
Off streets that guard the city gate
For leave to pass where chaos reigns
His changing agents pleasure pain
You watch as if an old revue
And sense a certain déja vu.

The illusion of rembering, perhaps ?
But then maybe not!

The Photograph was taken in the west end of London 1985.
A long way from Jeddah. Greetings Tom.

Saturday, December 9, 2006

The Marginal Line

The Marginal Line

The game has a fatal attraction
A joker that's playing for time
When you're holding black aces and eights
While you're playing for nickels and dimes.
And winning or losing depends
On what you can make on the deal
When the cards that will give you an edge
Are only the shreds of ideals
While outside the neons are flashing
And girls hanging out with the boys
Reality's just an illusion
The light playing tricks with your eyes.
Contentment's a dangerous friend
When you live in the comfort zone
Where nothing is all that it seems
With uncertainty chance the unknown.
Though it's easy to lose your direction
And forget to watch out for the sign
As your life crosses over the points
Pass the stops on the Marginal Line.

The above photograph is St Patrick's Church of Ireland,
Tara, as seen from The Mound of The Hostages.

Sunday, December 3, 2006

The Marginal Line


The Marginal Line is a journey
A set through lyrical verse.

A collection of poems
That explore the nature
Of reason and meaning
The futility of war.

An often humourous look
That tracks
From political satire
To modern prose
And tells you as it is
Or at least
As it seems to be.

The photograph opposite was taken at Spanish Point Co. Clare Ireland/January 1995 and is a mirror image. Never explain! Why the Tara Poetry Blog? I live close to the Hill and why not. The book above is available from Trafford Publishing and contains a number of Highly Commended Poems. More later. The night gets late.