Friday, May 30, 2008



Arms are everywhere
These days
Making offers
You can't refuse
Under the covers.
If you get in quick
You can make a killing
Casing the joints.
A stroke here
Or a stroke there
And it's all wrapped up,
One cut below the other
And if you're not careful
You could wake up beside
A horse's head.
Photograph: The Boyne along the Ramparts
in Navan. Spring/2008.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Poems about War.

The next few poems
touch lightly on the
subject of war.
A safe distance you
might say!


I drove downtown
the night the Gulf War started,
and it was an eerie feeling.
There was nobody there.
Everyone had gone home
to watch the war on television.
Stocked up on foodstuffs.
Filled the bath full of water.
Crisscrossed the windows
with masking tape and waited,
listening to the World Service.
Until struck
by the similarity of language.
A book is a dangerous thing.
Photograph: The river Boyne at
Navan Co.Meath
Spring 2008.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Images Of Meath

"Images Of Meath" is the latest in a series of books on his native county by the Trim poet and author Tommy Murray.

Published by Nonsuch it opens with a chapter on the Boyne and its Bridges, for centuries some of the most important landmarks in the county, and certainly at odds with much of what surround them today. Mary Jo Gibbons observations on the quality of life and the living environment and the failure of those who protect them are so true.

The author's own recollection of days spent in Gormanston Camp in the fifties are included and turning the pages many of the names if not the faces will be familiar. The old Lee-Enfields ended up in a few Parish Halls.

Tobertynan woods outside Rathmolyon also feature and if you happen to be passing and have a handy pair of walking shoes then a visit to the beautiful shrine in the woods is a must. Leona Rennicks has a piece on Ardbraccan Church, while Christmas in the 40s and 50s is fondly remembered. Other items as well.

Available in Antonia's in Trim, Bookwise in Navan, also in Easons.

Details at or the Meath Writers' Website. Give it a Look!