Sunday, June 30, 2013

James Byrne Reads "Captor and Verse"

James Byrne

This is James Byrne of the Navan Creative Writing Group reading one of his poems. Recorded in the Navan Library on Wednesday of last week. Other material by James can be found on the "sheriff from navan" site. Link over to the right!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Swift Satire Festival Trim County Meath.

Battle of the Books

The Swift Satire Festival is now in its sixth year and for those who like a little something that is perhaps not so politically correct then this could be the place to be! That said however the Battle of the Books has been relegated to the opening night and will cost you only the princely sum of €5 to get in. The President, Michael D Higgins is there for the Sunday Lunch and a "Bite of Satire" though the bite on the Thursday might be more agreeable, and being a well read man would have no difficulty with the long word or the lean out into the left field. It promises to be an interesting weekend though and if you find yourself in the vicinity of Trim or its environs why not drop in for a while.
Swift Satire Festival
Trim County Meath

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Kevin Cunniffe at Scurlogstown Olympiad

I recorded this at the Scurlogstown Haymaking Festival in the Porchfields in Trim last Sunday and I believe there are some others on youtube that I must check out. There is a very vibrant traditional music and dancing scene out there but it is mostly showcased on stations like TG4 or the Scottish equivalent and of course at local events like Scurlogstown. Though the Haymaking Festival in the Porchfields must be one of the biggest of its kind in Ireland. Anyway this is Kevin Cunniffe Sean Nós dancing.    

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Scurlogstown Olympiad Haymaking Festival 2013 (Photos)

Trim Castle from The Yellow Steeple.
Willie G. Hodgins and Doris Daley
The Boyne
Doris Daley on stage with Bridie Halton and Willie G. Hodgins
Some of the Dancers!
Michael (The Sheriff) Sheils
John Wiseman and Doris Daley

James Linnane

A few of the photos from the Haymaking Festival in the Porchfields Trim.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Doris Daley - Award Winning Cowboy Poetry

Doris Daley was at the Scurlogstown Olympiad Haymaking Festival in Trim County Meath today and entertained the good folk with some of her poetry. Introduced by Willie G. Hodgins of The Meath Writers' Circle, who reminded everyone it was Fathers' day! Doris performed a lovely dance time number which I'm going to have to check out. The video above is from youtube and with thanks, and should give you an idea of how good she is. And in truth you need to see an artist live to appreciate them. Check out!

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Cowboy Poems!

Cowboy Poems!!

Following on from the last posting and in keeping with the day that's in it or something like that, I've had a "shot" at one or two of those poems myself. Spent too much time watching westerns I suppose. Anyway here's one from "Excursions".

One for the Road.
Quick Draw Competition
Scurlogstown 2010.

Just another old town
As the afternoon seeps
Through a chink in the blinds
Not a word on the street.

And the second hand sweeps
Through the minutes
Drawn out,

To the creak of a sign
As the afternoon sleeps.

And the metronome beat
Of the feet on the boards 
As you chamber the rounds
While the bartender pours.

To the chairs scraping back
And the swing of the doors
It was just an old town
And the one for the road.

Frank Murphy.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Doris Daley for Trim Haymaking Festival

Doris Daley/Trim Haymaking Festival

From Google Images
The Canadian cowboy poet Doris Daley, or should that be cowgirl, will be in the Porchfields in Trim this Sunday for the annual Haymaking Festival. Born and raised in Alberta which hosts the biggest rodeo of them  all (Calgary) she is the winner of almost every award there is and has featured in every cowboy festival from Canada to as far south as Texas and Nevada. Named best female cowboy poet in North America in 2004 by the Academy of Western Artists, and in 2007, 2008 and 2009 one of the top five cowgirl poets in North America by the Western Music Association, the list goes on!! Be there in the Porchfields! She is also appearing in The Central Bar and Restaurant in Navan at 7.30pm on Friday the 14th and on Saturday will be attending the Meath Roots Gathering event, A Canadian documentary-making and film crew will accompany her on her visit. Info from The Meath Chronicle.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

The Meath Writers' Circle/ June Meeting 2013

Writers' Circle/ June 2013

Crowd Scene!
About sixteen or seventeen people turned out (19 I believe!) for the above meeting which saw a wide variety of topics discussed, poems read and the one or two other items discussed on how to raise money for the forthcoming collection.If it ever comes out into the light I'd imagine it will be much later in the year. Meanwhile "The Battle of the Books" looms and I'd better leave this project aside and get writing. The pressure of a deadline! The "Swift Festival" in Trim is from Thursday the fourth of July to Sunday the seventh and is sure to draw a large crowd with the "Battle" itself on the Thursday night this year. Credits go to Paddy Smith for organizing this event every year. Next Sunday though sees the "Hay Making Festival" in the Porchfields and I believe Doris Daley the Canadian cowboy poet will be in attendance. More on that later in the week. Bound to be something on youtube!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Scurlogstown Olympiad/High Nellies 2013 (Photos)

Pat Farrelly 
Richard Haworth at Laracor
Ready for the Off?
Nuns on the Run?
What no Bike?
Willie G. Hodgins and Grandsons

James Linnane
Just a few of the photos of those who turned out for the High Nellies at Scurlogstown and Laracor.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Scurlogstown Olympiad/High Nellies 2013

Scurlogstown Olympiad/ High Nellies 2013.

Friday night last at Jack Quinn's saw the launch of this year's Traditional Hay Making Festival with a High Nelly cycle tour around Trim stopping at various points for refreshments or other supplements! A massive crowd of over three hundred and fifty turned out on what was a warm summer's evening with everyone in good spirits or on their way to where such could be acquired. The event itself seems to get bigger every year but for the Haymaking Festival you will have to wait until Sunday the 16th in the Porchfields when there is sure to be something to every one's taste, be it adventure or delight.

Christopher Gray
One of the stopping off points each year on the cycle tour is the old church and graveyard at Laracor where the poet F. R. Higgins is buried and this year a wreath was laid by Christopher Gray of Higginsbrook House Trim who is a relation of the poet. He gave a fine reading of "Father and Son" which is perhaps the poet's best know poem and also handed out a number of leaflets inviting people to the launch of a new edition of the poet's work which is due out later in the year. Selected and edited by R. Dardis Clarke. More photos of the above to follow!