Sunday, November 30, 2008

Stream of Consciousness

"Stream of Consciousness" by Austin Shiels is just that. A collection of poems that reflect on everything from philosophical leanings to love and war. A series of questions asked and then answered. Revelations. Political comment. The common thread holding them together is their focus. A sort of looking back from a high point, and if you would argue the toss... it is the love poems that stand out. Counterpoint though makes for interesting reflection.

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Photo: Cover of book.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Boyne Berries (4)

Boyne Berries Four

I opened this at Orla Fay's "The Burial of Alice de Fir" and suspect that there is something I do not know, but this is a fine poem in a book that begins with a description of the Boyne and ends with Michael Farry's carefully crafted piece "The Once-Red Cart".

Like its predecessors this issue contains contributions from writers that are both local and from much further afield, (Bangladesh, Nigeria, The USA, Japan), and while Peter Goulding's work may help to redress the prejudice against rhyming poetry, the League of Ireland is another story.

Paul Egan touches on the subject of safe humour, or humourists, and the politically correct, getting to the heart of the matter you might say, while "A Monday Morning Fry" is a reminder that a man is best left to his breakfast! Cherry picking, well.... A muse ment...

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Photograph: Cover Design by Greg Hastings.