Friday, April 18, 2008

Boyne Berries (3)

Boyne Berries (3)

The third issue of The Boyne Writers' Group literary magazine "Boyne Berries" was successfully launched at The Castle Arch hotel in Trim on thursday the 10th of April by the Chairman of Trim Town Council, Mr Ray Butler.

It includes contributions from many parts of the world as well as featuring some of the poetry of Brendan Carey Kinane, a member of the group and outright winner of the Boyle Arts festival in 2007. Other well known writers include Kevin Furey, Kevin Higgins, Marie MacSweeney and I'd better stop dropping names.

The decision to launch a literary magazine must have been something of a gamble, but one that has been successful to date in that it provides an outlet for local writers that would not otherwise exist. Added to that it "flies the flag" in some sense wherever it ends up.

Available in Antonia's Trim or Bookwise Navan. Details at

Worth a look!

Friday, April 4, 2008

The Marginal Line

The Marginal Line

The game has a fatal attraction
A joker that's playing for time
When you're holding black aces and eights
While you're playing for nickels and dimes.

And winning or losing depends
On what you can make on the deal
When the cards that will give you an edge
Are only the shreds of ideals.

While outside the neons are flashing
And girls hanging out with the boys
Reality's just an illusion
The light playing tricks with your eyes,

Contentment's a dangerous friend
When you live in the comfort zone
Where nothing is all that it seems
With uncertainty chance the unknown.

Though it's easy to lose your direction
And forget to watch out for the sign
As your life crosses over the points
Pass the stops on the Marginal Line.
Photograph: The river Blackwater flowing out
of Lough Ramor towards the Boyne
Summer 2007.