Saturday, May 31, 2014

F.R. Higgins Wreath Laying Ceremony 2014 /Laracor.

F. R. Higgins Wreath Laying Ceremony 2014/ Laracor.

Willie G. Hodgins, Carmel Murray and Josephine Murray

Josephine Murray, wife of the late Tommy Murray did the honours last night by laying a wreath at the grave of the poet F. R. Higgins in Laracor graveyard. Part of the annual High Nellie cycle event and start of the Scurlogstown Olympiad fest, members of the group stop off each year and read poems at the graveside. A selection of his poems were published last year by Arlen House and Poetry Ireland, titled "Father and Son", which is perhaps his best known poem and available on you tube, read by no less than Pierce Brosnan. A copy of the above is well worth getting your hands on

and some other poems from the book are out there as well including "Auction" and "Song of the Clatter-Bones" read by Spoken Verse. Laracor is also known for its association with Jonathan Swift, so well worth a visit on your poetry trail.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Book Launch/The Potless Generation

Readers/ Launch of "The Potless Generation" by James Linnane/Castle Hotel Trim.

Barbara Flood
Peggy Murphy
Tom Dredge
Marie Morrissey-Cummins
Michael Farry

James Linnane and his wife Karen

Just some of the readers at the launch of James Linnane's book in the Castle Hotel Trim on Sunday Night.

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Bealtaine Poetry Reading/Old Rectory Trim 2014.

Bealtaine Poetry Reading/Old Rectory Trim 2014.

Martina Quinn and Paddy Smith
Martina Quinn was the gracious host on Thursday night when she invited guests and members of the local writing groups to her house on Loman Street in Trim for an event to mark the Bealtaine festival. MC'd if that's the word by Paddy Smith of The Boyne Writers, who did his usual excellent job of keeping things moving along and only had to resort to the bell for the occasional  extra vowel, or verse that was never intended. Michael Farry deserves much credit for arranging the get together and there were some very beautiful poems read and pieces of prose that were both interesting and challenging. Martina gave a short talk on the history of the house, which has been occupied since 1751 when it was first built and more information on this if you click on the link to Michael Farry's site over to the right. On a theme of "And catch the heart of guard" from Seamus Heaney's poem "Postscript" the night went some way to perhaps just that.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Bealtaine Poetry Reading/Trim! 2014!

Bealtaine Poetry Reading/Trim 2014!

Culmullen Church 
Michael Farry of The Boyne Writers Group has arranged a poetry reading in the Old Rectory, Loman Street, in Trim on Thursday the 22nd of May at 7pm and hopefully supported by the Meath Writers' Circle and a guest or two from the Navan Creative Writers group, though I'm sure if you're a poet or storyteller you'd be more than welcome. The Old Rectory is located, I've been told, just across the road from the Church of Ireland and should be easy enough to find. Bring a poem or two, or story, or just yourself!. The invitation to read was extended to all by Martina Quinn, the current occupant of the house, and much more information on the event and the house can be had if you click on the link to Michael Farry just over to the right. The photograph is of Culmullen church which I snapped earlier this year and well worth a visit if you're passing that way. I've many photographs of Trim but none of the Rectory or the Cathedral across the road. Must rectify!

Sunday, May 18, 2014

The Potless Generation/James Linnane

The Potless Generation!

This is a collection of poems that touches on everything from the passing of time to the political mess we find ourselves in and often with a savage twist or sting in the tail. There is some lovely humour and then performance pieces like "Head for the Door" and "The Starkness of Silence" have a standard that should keep them around for a long time. If I had to pick a poem though on a once through "Cold Days Are Coming" hits the spot and it's worth getting your hands on a copy just for that. James is a member of both the Boyne Writers Group and The Meath Writers' Circle and details on purchase of the above can be had if you go to .
Or Bookschat Corner, link to the right! This is his third book in all, the others being "Never Take an Irishman Seriously Unless He's Armed"-New York 1988- and "The Life and Times of a Gotcha" -2011-. He lives in Ballivor County Meath with his wife and two children. 

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

"Navan" by Frank Murphy



Settled confluence
The monastic claims
The Boyne and
Norman, Dane.

Watched and ward
Along the Pale
Crafted well
Their story tale.

Hills down winding
Cambered lanes
Shadowed in
Some other fame.

Meeting to,
The vagaries of
Church and state.

A mad humour
Turn of phrase
And the town
The same
Both ways!

Frank Murphy.

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Boyne Berries 15

Boyne Berries 15

Another striking cover on what is the last issue to be edited by Michael Farry and he ends with a fine poem "Dundareirk Graveyard, Cork". His eye for detail or descriptive writing is to the best and this issue has more than a few poems or pieces of prose that you'll go back to for a second read. Contributions from Ireland and abroad with more than a few from the USA and I have to say the one that got me or made me read again was by Irene Mosvold "The Snaring of the Snark". Kentucky, I think. A local one and given the almost centenary of the first world war is "The Enlisted" by Padraic Ó Dowd of Trim and well worth a read or two. "Bear Trap" by Colin Dardis is just waiting to grab you and a copy of this issue will only set you back €8 with details on how to purchase over to the right on the Boyne Writers website or on Michael Farry's blogg.If you should find yourselves in Trim the book shops in the town are sure to have a copy.  

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

The Market Dictate

I wrote this back about twelve years ago and I resurrect it every now and again, or as the mood takes me. They have taxed just about everything that can be taxed and sometimes twice over but they haven't got around to bicycles yet. Well, not as I write....

The Market Dictate
Culmullen & 1798
Outside Church.

They tell you it's great
Down in sub section four
On the set aside farms
Where they lock up 
The poor.

Who'd forgotten to file
In before it's too late
Now they're serving the needs
Of the market dictate.

As the credit runs out
On your permit to walk
Outside on the pavement
Nobody talks.

The neon reminders
Read out from the wall
That the Bicycle Licence
Collector will call.

And if you've done nothing
There's nothing to hide
So trade in your name
For the numbers inside.

Yeah! Trade in your name
For the numbers inside
Put an x on the spot
Where democracy 

Frank Murphy.  

Sunday, May 4, 2014

The Meath Writers' Circle/May Meeting.

The Meath Writers' Circle/May Meeting!

Crowd Scene?
A small crowd or at least ten people turned out for the above meeting with the usual mix of poetry and prose and of course good conversation. Plans not finalised for any project yet and the year gets on. James Linnane came in to tell us of his book and the launch date for this is Sunday the 25th of May at 8pm in the Castle Hotel Trim. The Potless Generation: by TMP Publications at €10 a copy. Link to "Bookchat Corner" over to the right! On the back burner here and yet to read but looks impressive. Picked up a copy of Boyne Berries 15 as well and more on that to follow! Surrounded by books and trying to write a bit as well. Tomorrow night 9.30 pm RTE1: Mattie Ross goes looking for a man with true grit!