Saturday, December 29, 2007

Shacked Up

Shacked Up

Designs on it
From the beginning
The quick fix.
Take care of planning
The suits,
Shoes off at the door.
Not too much interest.
The bare look
About the place,
The gifts
Like the angle of repose
The maintenance.
A promise of
You scratch my back
And I'll scratch yours.
The joints everywhere
The soft pile,
Main bedroom upstairs
A big rip-off!
Went septic in the end.
The house
That Jerry built. Photograph Top: The River Delvin where it enters the sea at Gormanston.

Saturday, December 15, 2007



I swear another age
Of this reason
Will see the end of us.

The soothsayers
Will be there
On the last night
Clutching a copy
Of Dead Certainty
The proofs outweighing
The process
They condemned.

While the arbiters
Of right and wrong
Their purse strings
Around our neck
On the promise of
A new order
Witch hunting.

And all you can
Hope for
Is that they'll burn
Themselves out
And you don't
Get caught on
The wrong side.

Photograph: A winter scene
Co. Meath.

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Tally Ho!

"That which makes us common to
rather than that which separates
us from the worst of nature"

Tally Ho!

A motley bunch
Of out of sorts
With horse and hound
To pass for sport.

Made entertainment
Of an ill
Called it the least cruel
Way to kill.

And didn't realise
The choice
Was just another
Kind of vice.

Is that an argument
That's sound!
The morals here
Have gone to ground.
Photograph: Bridge over the river
Blackwater/Lough Ramor
Virginia Co. Cavan. 2007