Wednesday, December 28, 2016

"A Christmas Childhood" by Patrick Kavanagh; "The Wexford Carol" (HD)

Kavanagh's great poem, "A Christmas Childhood" is read here by Brian O' Donovan of WGBH and recorded at the Cutler Majestic Theatre in Boston Massachusetts on December the 10th 2010. The "Wexford Carol" is sung by Christy O' Leary. With thanks to youtube and "Celtic Sojourn" who loaded.

Saturday, December 24, 2016

A Poem for Christmas!

A Poem for Christmas!

A Day in Dublin

(From Google Images/The
Downstairs in Busaras
They fumble for change
Mad concourse.
Halogen yellow signs
Blurring the announcements.
Outside the Luas
Glides quietly by.
Urban chic
Baltic blondes
Crossing against the lights
And the noise on
O' Connell Street,
The Spire 
A  blind eye.
Blending to indifference
The word on the street.
Prada, Gucci, and Jimmy
The hustle,
In the record store
They're playing Dylan
And damien O
Do you hear what I hear
Christmas carols.
On Stephen's Green
A man lies...

On a piece of cardboard
On the coldest day.

Frank Murphy

I wrote that poem maybe ten years ago, can't remember but it was in the middle of the Celtic Tiger sometime and people were just stepping over or around the man. Homelessness where people are forced to sleep on the streets was not acceptable then and it is not acceptable now. The right to housing needs to be written into our Constitution.

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Home Sweet Home - Ending Homelessness in Ireland

Interesting to see how this one goes. There are houses boarded up all over the country and left that way until the grass grows in the door. Many of them could have or should have been occupied the day the previous tenants moved out, but for whatever reason the shutters go up. Indeed in some cases they are "restored"  to something of their former glory, a state of repairs the previous tenants found unacceptable and spent no small amount bringing them to more comfortable surrounds. But then out goes the grass, the doors and the floors and anything that passes for indulgence and anyway that's best left to the next world. Which is where I'm sure some of the authoritarians wish they'd bugger off to anyway. Though to be fair some of the properties are left in a woe full condition. That said it is simply not acceptable to have "Tent Cities" in one of the richest countries in the world and if it comes to that it is not acceptable to have the health service we have either. Either of them could be solved by the stroke of a pen, but then the markets the markets, which is what they were shouting about in '47. I heard it on the news today that the Apollo building is not suitable for accommodation and not safe but I'd say it's a damn sight safer than sleeping on the street and a damn sight warmer too. Or should that be "site". I leave it to you. Have a Happy Christmas. 

Saturday, December 17, 2016

Navan Junior Writers/Christmas 2016!

Navan Junior Writers/ Christmas 2016!

 Peggy Murphy
(Reading some Christmas poems)
Congratulations to Edel Gillick and all the junior writers who held their Christmas get together this morning in Navan Library. Edel has been a mentor and adviser to the group since taking over from the late Tommy Murray and the confidence and maturity of those who read made for an interesting hour or so. John Doyle was there with his guitar to bring a little magic to the occasion and it ended with "Jingle Bells" and good wishes from Edel and everyone there followed by tea and coffee and snacks and safe home!

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Bob Dylan's Every grain of sand (Emmylou Harris' cover)

I've been meaning to put up a version of this one for a while and the trouble is just about everyone has recorded it, so difficult choice! Settle for Emmy Lou. Nice to see they gave him the Nobel Prize and should have given it to Leonard as well and Paul Simon is still out there somewhere. Must look up "A Hard Rain", weather's getting strange. With thanks to youtube and "M" for loading.   

Saturday, December 10, 2016

The Meath Writers' Circle Christmas Party 2016!

The Meath Writers Circle Christmas Party 2016/Photos!

The Christmas Tree Lights
Cllr Noel French, Seanan and Kathleen Miggin
Verona Pentony and Peggy Murphy
 Patrick Nolan, Sean Kane, Eugene Kane, Claire Kane and Bride Halton
Paul Martin, Willie G. Hodgins, Gabriel McDonnell and Carmel Murray
Tom Moore, Attracta Moore and Vera Tuite
Some photos from our Christmas Party in The Trim Castle Hotel last night.

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Leaving Galway and Rainy Day Recordings!

"Leaving Galway" and "Rainy Day Recordings"

Last Saturday night in Jack Quinn's of Scurlogstown Trim saw the launch of James Linnane's, "Leaving Galway" and also the launch of his CD recordings made in the Porchfields during the Haymaking Festival. The first a collection of short stories on his life and adventures and the second a collection of poetry, prose and songs. Previous CDs cover the years 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, and 2015. A link to James's blog, "Bookchat Corner" to the right for more info on both. "Leaving Galway" is available on Amazon and Ebay and the CD from any member of The Scurlogstown Olympiad Group, or if not they should be able to source you a copy. 

Sunday, December 4, 2016

The Meath Writers' Circle/ December Meeting 2016!

The Meath Writers' Circle/December Meeting 2016!

The theme for the night was Christmas poems and stories and about eleven members turned out on what was one of the most wintry nights of the year. Driving conditions near to impossible in what you could only describe as pea souper fog! One of the best contributions though was a song on homelessness called, "Where are you now" about a young girl sleeping in a doorway and it amazes me looking back on the history of evictions and such that our government would tolerate such a thing, but the more it changes....  The song was an original piece. Other business on the night was given over to magazine sales, which I believe are now around the three hundred mark and still selling. The Christmas Party is on this Friday coming  and hopefully the weather holds out. Bring a poem or two or story or something musical or just yourself. Start time is 8 pm.