Saturday, December 24, 2016

A Poem for Christmas!

A Poem for Christmas!

A Day in Dublin

(From Google Images/The
Downstairs in Busaras
They fumble for change
Mad concourse.
Halogen yellow signs
Blurring the announcements.
Outside the Luas
Glides quietly by.
Urban chic
Baltic blondes
Crossing against the lights
And the noise on
O' Connell Street,
The Spire 
A  blind eye.
Blending to indifference
The word on the street.
Prada, Gucci, and Jimmy
The hustle,
In the record store
They're playing Dylan
And damien O
Do you hear what I hear
Christmas carols.
On Stephen's Green
A man lies...

On a piece of cardboard
On the coldest day.

Frank Murphy

I wrote that poem maybe ten years ago, can't remember but it was in the middle of the Celtic Tiger sometime and people were just stepping over or around the man. Homelessness where people are forced to sleep on the streets was not acceptable then and it is not acceptable now. The right to housing needs to be written into our Constitution.

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