Saturday, October 24, 2009

The Fourth Estate

A little poem for Saturday.

The Fourth Estate.

Embedded in such legalise
As please M'Lords
A little wheeze
Could show good cause
To such respect
When body politic

That every class
Of hound or hack
Was safely muzzled
Round the back.

Or carcass nailed
In some debate
That prowled about
The Fourth Estate.

Frank Murphy.

Photo: The River Tolka/Blanchardstown.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Open Mic Readings/Knightsbridge.

Open Mic Readings Knightsbridge.
Paddy Smith of The Boyne Writers' Group chaired the open mic readings which recommenced at The Knightsbridge Village Hall on Thursday the 15th of October. The guest readers were Marie MacSweeney who read some of her beautiful poetry and Michael Regan who kept everyone entertained with tales from his recent autobiography "Ten in a Bed".
Much ado about bell ringing, ringers, tight groupings, and those who were said to have fled. The curious absence of! Though the tea was fine!
Photos: Tommy Murray, Paddy Smith, and Paul Kerr.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Boyne Berries (6)

Boyne Berries

"Boyne Berries 6" the latest edition of the literary magazine published by the Boyne Writers' Group was launched in the Castle Arch Hotel in Trim a number of weeks ago by the well known local author and solicitor Michael Regan. A mixture of poetry and prose it includes contributions from Ireland and much further afield. It opens with a poem by Marie MacSweeney which catches the eye. I watched a program on television a while back about the battle, and it was a good day for horses. Enough mystery! Another poem I found interesting was "Truth" and "Nine Lines" , to shorten the title, and "Masks" by Quincy R. Lehr is a fine poem.

The book dips almost into the surreal through the centre pages, or maybe completely into it, ending with Rory O' Sullivan's " The Siren Lake". As fine a piece of traditional writing as you are likely to come across. But there's mystery here too, and "Sinking" and " The Secret Past of the House" leave you wondering, but I'm not sure I like wondering too much. A book well worth having. Click on the link opposite for details. Price €7 euro.
Photo: Book Cover.
Note: Open Mic sessions will resume at the Knightsbridge Village Hall in Trim on Thursday the 15th of October.
Guest readers are Marie MacSweeney and Michael Regan.

Friday, October 2, 2009

All-Ireland Poetry Day

All-Ireland Poetry Day.

St Patrick's Cathedral Trim was the venue for the first ever National Poetry Day event in Meath. Organised by the Boyne Writers and facilitated by the Rev. Robert Jones the Cathedral was and is a beautiful setting for this type of occasion, and the above are to be congratulated for the effort involved. Although a small crowd attended, the readings were always interesting and perhaps more so than at a usual event, in that the Cathedral itself, dare I say, lends something. On to bigger and better things next year.
Photo: Paddy Smith; Chairman of Boyne Writers' Group reading Dangerous Dan McGrew.