Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Poet of Fingal Competition

The Swords Mummers
The Swords Mummers
Tommy Murray and Bernadette Markes
Mayor of Fingal, Cllr. Cian O' Callaghan

Tommy Murray and Frank Murphy

Two members of The Meath Writers' Circle made the short-list for the Poet of Fingal Competition which was held last night at "The Star" main street in Swords. The winner of the poetry competition was Alyn Senn whose poem was titled "Husband" while the short story award went to Paddy Ryan from Malahide and the Swords section went all the way to Chicago and Patrick Savage. The literary awards were presented  by the Mayor of Fingal Cllr. Cian O' Callaghan while music and entertainment was provided by "The Mummers". A mix of trad and Dublin soul, and the All-Ireland looming! This was a great event with enough food to last for days but sadly no cup. Picked up a copy of "Swords Voices" and there's a local connection or two. 

Monday, August 27, 2012

Feis Teamhra/A Turn at Tara 2012

A Turn at Tara 2012

Visitor Centre Hill of Tara

Paid a flying visit to Tara yesterday for an afternoon that featured Ann Enright, Paul Muldoon and Declan O' Rourke though I didn't catch then in that order. The venue was inside for the occasion though outside might have suited them better given that it wasn't a bad day and the amount of people that was up there. Found it very hard to get parking and because I was blocking a gate of sorts I didn't wait till the end. Though I did manage to catch the falcon or owl display on the way out. Declan O' Rourke is an excellent performer and if you get the chance to see or here him perform take it. Given the above mentioned poets, writers, songwriters and others that have turned up here over the past few years and that the event is free it deserves a more than just a mention in "What's On".

Wise old Owl!

Saturday, August 25, 2012

The Meath Writers' Circle (5) Video August 2012.

Willie G. Hodgins

Willie G. Hodgins is a long time member of The Meath Writers' Circle and has published one book of poems   to date called "Sunflower" which was launched by Tom French of the Meath County Library a while back.  Also many other videos by Willie posted if you just send google on search. This is a beautiful one about his daughter Pamela and if the light is not so good just close your eyes and listen.  

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The Meath Writers' Circle (4) Video August 2012

Michael Sheils

Poet, Barrister, Writer, Teacher, Revolutionary, Political Activist, Nationalist, Patrick Pearse was a signatory and reader of the 1916 Proclamation. His speech at the grave of O' Donovan Rossa was a game changer no matter how you measure it. I remember picking up a book once when wandering through a bookstore in a far and distant place which had a poem of his inside and going "Wow" could they not see it coming. Michael Sheils here reads one of them, "The Mother". I believe there is a connection between Pearse's father and the church in Kilmessan but should have checked it out more fully before I started writing. Michael Sheils has his own blog over at "sherifffrombnavan" just click on the link to the right. also other videos posted further back Also on youtube! Patrick Pearse, for info check out wikipedia. Worth the trip!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

The Meath Writers' Circle (3) Video August 2012

James Linnane

James Linnane is a member of both The Meath Writers' Circle and The Boyne Writers' Group and has been writing poetry for a good number of years now, or so I've been told. Anyway worth listening to and is the author of two books to date, "Never Take an Irishman Seriously Unless he's Armed" which was published in New York in 1988 and is very good advice indeed and his most recent production "The Life and Times of a Gotcha" about days spent, or should that be nights with a Dublin based security firm. I loved the introduction to this, or interview where you either end up in a really good job or in a very dangerous one indeed. The only constant being the difference in what you get paid. Anyway would make a good television series. Here James recites a poem about his take on life. Give a listen! Other poems further back.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Jonathan Swift Creative Writing Award (Saggart) 2012.

Poetry and Prose Competition.

Entry Form
The Saggart Heritage and Arts Centre are inviting submissions for their annual poetry and prose competitions which have a closing date of the 30th of September, so if you happen to have a few poems or prose that might be  friendly for the above why not send them along. Poems should be no more than 45 lines in length and must be the author's own work and have not been broadcast or published previously. A cover charge or entry fee of €4 euro per poem or €10 euro for three made payable to the Jonathan Swift Creative Writing Awards to be included with entries and entrants' name not to appear on the typescript. Plain font Times New Roman point 12 single spacing etc. Entries may be in English or Irish! The prose section is restricted to one entry at €5 euro, 1500 word max. Hennessy Award winner Maria Wallace will judge the competition and decision is final. Address your entries to: Margaret Ennis "Teach Giuise" Boherboy, Saggart, Co. Dublin. Winners will be notified seven days in advance. Further info from the above address and entry form I'm sure if you contact. Good luck! 

Sunday, August 12, 2012

The Meath Writers' Circle (2) Video August 2012

Pat Bennett

Another fine poem here from Pat Bennett of The Writers' Circle that is worth a listen. Others posted further back include~ Singin Bush, Eerie Moor, Washy Woman, and Painted Skies. Just scroll back or type in to google for search! 

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Asking For Directions/Michael Farry

Asking For Directions/ Michael Farry

I've  stopped once or twice to ask for directions and the encounters were often worthy of a poem or two though I doubt if I could do them the same justice or make the keen observations that Michael Farry has managed in this collection. A blend of journey and family history and verse that often misleads in that the end is sometimes more than you'd expect. The poems are grouped into three different sections and needless to say the "Western Trilogy" is the one I dipped into first, though there are many fine poems here and it would be very hard to cherry pick. Maybe -Shackleton On South Georgia- or -Philately- or any one of a dozen others, though I'm not so sure I'd agree with the observation on the saloon customers who mustered smoking at the church gate after second mass. They reminded me of the ones who never went in and remained outside waiting for the pubs to open. This is one for your collection and if you click on the link to Michael Farry's blog over to your right you can find info on how to purchase, or I would imagine any good bookshop will do the trick. Doghouse Press and €12 euro and a must for the bookshelves.

Friday, August 3, 2012

The Meath Writers' Circle (1) Video August 2012

Sean Reilly

Reminiscing on his schooldays Sean Reilly kept us all entertained at last night's meeting of The Meath Writers' Circle and features for the second time in a few days. Myra Lawlor brought in two bottles of wine to celebrate our recent win and everybody read a piece or two of poetry or verse, although I argued they were one and the same! Stories were told, book deals were arranged and Sean was "persuaded" to sing another of his fine songs, this one by no less than Stephen Foster and demonstrates once again what a fine singer he is, and unaccompanied at that. I think there was about ten people in attendance but maybe the wine was playing tricks. Anyway more to come!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Poets Against War!

Poets Against War!

From Google Images

I came across this site a while back on the "Sheriff From Navan" blog, when they posted his poem "Try Talking" so I sent them one myself "The Dead Wood", and lo and behold  when I checked the other day there it was. I don't usually send poems away but it's nice to get a surprise now and then. Anyway they are looking for submissions so if you have anything that's suitable or touches on the subject of war in any way maybe you could send it on. The link is and where better to send to. They say poetry makes nothing happen bu that's just bad poetry. Be good!