Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Tom French at Tommy Murray's Book Launch

Tom French reading at the launch of Tommy Murray's "Swimming With Dolphins" at the Meath County Library in Navan on Thursday night. Video courtesy of Michael Sheils and "sherifffromnavan" blogsite.  

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Book Launch/Swimming With Dolphins/Tommy Murray.

Book Launch/Swimming With Dolphins.
Sean Reilly singing "The Harp That Once"
Crowd Scene

Tommy Murray Cathy Martin and Tom French
Noel French

Tommy Murray

A selection of photographs taken at the launch of Tommy Murray's poetry book "Swimming with Dolphins" at the Meath County Library in Navan on Thursday night. Cathy Martin of the Arts Office and Tom French of the Library did the honours for the occasion with contributions from Sean Reilly, Noel French and some of Tommy's students from the writing class, who read a poem or two. The event finished of on light refreshments and not a word about Europe. More information about launch on "Meath Books" and "Sheriff from Navan". Click on links to the right!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Book Launch/Swimming With Dolphins/Tommy Murray

Tommy Murray/Book Launch

Cathy Martin of the Arts Office will launch the second book of poems from Tommy Murray at the Meath County Library in Navan on Thursday night. Published by Lapwing of Belfast "Swimming With Dolphins" is a collection of some of Tommy's favourite poems, and above you can listen to him recite that  from which the collection takes its name, or part of !! Details of how to purchase can be had if you click over on the link to "Meath Books" to your right. Start time is 7pm. Date again Thursday 24th May 2012.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Book Launch/Michael Farry/"Asking For Directions"

Book Cover
"Book Launch" 21/May/2012

"Asking For Directions" a first book of poems by Michael Farry of The Boyne Writers' Group will be launched in The Castle Arch Hotel in Trim on Monday night at 8pm by well known writer and broadcaster Pat Dunne. A native of Trim and with four novels to his name Pat Dunne has been translated into 11 languages and will be remembered for his connections to The Swift Festival. Michael Farry is a founding member of The Boyne Writers' Group and is editor of their literary magazine "Boyne Berries". He has won numerous prizes for poetry and has had three books of history published to date This book of poems  by Doghouse Press contains 44 poems, which borrowing from The Meath Chronicle "cover a wide range, geographically as well as thematically". A former schoolteacher with connections to the west of Ireland he has been widely published and is a member of the LitLab Writers' Group in Meath and Cavan since 2007. The launch is at 8pm and all are welcome. For details on how to purchase click on link to Michael Farry's site to your right or go to "Doghouse Press" !

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Boyne Readings Knightsbridge Trim

Boyne Readings and Open Mic/ Thursday 17/05/2012

Tommy Murray
The guest reader at this month's open mic series at the Coffee Shop Knightsbridge Village is none other than Tommy Murray who will read from his recently published book "Swimming With Dolphins". This was published by Lapwing of Belfast and is his second book of poems from Lapwing, the other being "Counting Stained Glass Windows" in 2009. Tommy is working on his fifteenth book at the moment, which should be out later in the year and although he has written on everything from the short story to antiques to local history this one is a step in a new direction. A certain ghostly quality, parental guidance to be advised. The winner of numerous awards for his poetry and short stories, too numerous to mention, he has been published in just about every literary magazine there is so if you have the time on your hands why not drop along to The Knightsbridge Village and Coffee Shop for what is sure to be an entertaining evening. The admission fee is €5 Euro and that includes  tea and biscuits or whatever you're having yourself. Start time is 8pm! More information and details over on the Michael Farry Blogsite, also check out Orla Fay. Both links to your right!    

Sunday, May 13, 2012

The Meath Writers' Circle (2) Video May 2012

Pat Bennett

"Painted Skies" is another fine lyrical poem, and the latest video by Pat Bennett to be uploaded here. The others being "Eerie Moor, Singin Bush and Washy Woman", so if you scroll a bit further back you can give them a listen or two. Pat has been a member of The Meath Writers' Circle for a number of years now and doesn't read from notes! . 

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Boyne Berries 11

Boyne Berries 11

Book Cover
This is the eleventh issue of the literary magazine published by the Boyne Writers group and it continues to attract submissions that are both local and from much further afield. Launched at The Castle Arch Hotel in Trim  on Thursday the 29th of March by Michael Slavin of Tara fame it contains much of what is a fine mix of both poetry and prose and deserves more than just a once through. But, time being what it is and the tendency to look to the familiar, sure to miss something! I liked Orla Fay's "May Beneath the Castle" and James Linnane's "Lies and Convictions" for the intensity, and was leafing through to the notes on contributors for more information when it dawned I know this man! Rory O' Sullivan does another of those surreal and inky black pieces that are always so well crafted but this time Niamh O' Reilly from New South Wales proves to be no slouch either. "The Stone Gate". Is there a Trim connection? The first time I remember reading one of these was in a book published by Tommy Murray and I can still remember a verse or two. The author left for Canada. Must be something in the Trim air! On pages 42 and 43 across from each other are two very interesting poems, one of them written by Michael Farry and the other by Carolyne Van Der Meer.  Interesting in that the first line in each poem is identical and I thought at first that it was some kind of writing exercise devised by the group but since Michael is in Trim and Carolyne is Atlantic wise, put it down to meaningful coincidence. Anyway, they are two fine poems "Atonement" and "Road Trip". The first verse of Michael Farry's  road trip is just about as good as it gets as a descriptive piece and the furious wipers in Carolyne's piece, well I'd have crossed at Termonbarry or maybe Carrick! Details on how to purchase, click on link to Michael Farry or Boyne Writers over on the right! 

Saturday, May 5, 2012

The Meath Writers' Circle (1) Video May 2012

Frank Murphy

About fifteen people turned out on  Thursday night for the monthly get together of The Meath Writers' Circle and I took the opportunity to record a few more videos, this time handing over the camera to Michael Sheils for the above. This is a poem called "The Marginal Line" and is one of the first I wrote, also the title of a book published by Trafford. Anyway see what you think! 

The Marginal Line.

The game has a fatal attraction
A joker that's playing for time
When you're holding black aces and eights
While you're playing for nickels and dimes.

And winning or losing depends
On what you can make on the deal
When the cards that will give you an edge
Are only the shreds of ideals.

While outside the neons are flashing
And girls hanging out with the boys
Reality's just an illusion
The light playing tricks with your eyes.

Contentment's a dangerous friend
When you live in the comfort zone
Where nothing is all that it seems
With uncertainty chance the unknown.

Though it's easy to lose your direction
And forget to watch out for the sign
As your life crosses over the points
Pass the stops on the Marginal Line.

Frank Murphy. 

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Local Songs & Poems

The Scurlogstown Olympiad

"Local Songs & Poems" is a collection that was recorded live at the 2011 festival. and includes many of those who were associated with or contributed to the running of the event. It comes with a short introduction by Pat Farrelly which stresses the need to record and collect the wealth of folklore, storytelling, songs and recitations in the locality and really is a treasure trove of its kind. I remember looking for a copy of this a while back and having no success until I  mentioned it to Carmel Murray at a meeting of the Writers' Circle. This is a beg steal or borrow job, the standard of the contributions are so good at times. "In Search Of The Fisherman" by Jimmy Peppard is a standout but there are many others. This year's festival is on Sunday the 17th of June and there are a number of other events including  "The High Nellies" around the same time. One of the largest festivals of its kind in Ireland, it is a great day out for the family. See for details, having trouble with link!