Sunday, January 12, 2014

Motherlode: A Mosaic of Dutch Wartime Experience

Motherlode: Carolyne Van Der Meer

The above titled is now available from the Wilfrid Laurier University Press and glancing over at Amazon they have a release date of the 17th of January priced at $16.32 so I hope those details are correct. Described as a creative reinterpretation through short stories, poems, and essays of the experiences of her mother and other individuals who spent their childhoods in Nazi-occupied Holland or were deeply affected by the wartime there the book also documents the author's own personal journey as she uncovers her mother's past through their correspondence and discussion and through research in the Netherlands. The book also considers mother-daughter relationships and the effect of wartime on motherhood.
Carolyne Van Der Meer is a Public Relations Professional and is a University Lecturer and readers of Boyne Berries will be familiar with some of her poems, having been published in a number of issues. I particularly liked  "Atonement" which was across the page from Michael Farry's "Road Trip" in Boyne Berries 11 and both of them had the same opening line. But then I sort of like road poems. I can't help thinking though nothing much has changed and in many parts of the world nothing  has changed at all but the Europe we were promised has turned out to be nothing more than the same old same old. A rich golden circle and the rest can go fend for themselves Hundreds of thousands of people or at least tens of thousands have been driven out of Ireland because of the crisis and you'd get knocked down by a horse box crossing the road and every time you get back up again there's another tax. Probably to pay for the box or the hundreds of millions they lost because of an accounting error. Anyway enough of that, info on the above can be had if you go to . Give a read!


Carolybe said...

Hi Frank!! Thank you! This is so appreciated! One favour though--can you just correct the spelling of my last name in your headline (Van Der Meer not Van Der Mere)? You are lovely and I cannot begin to tell how much all the support in Ireland means to me! :-)

Carolyne said...

Ooops, and I even signed my own name incorrectly, rushed as I am!! LOL!

Frank said...

Serves me right for correcting other people. What goes round.... Good luck with the sales!