Thursday, January 16, 2014

Strokestown International Poetry Festival 2014.

Strokestown International Poetry Festival 2014

This is one of the big ones should you be lucky enough to get an invite or make the shortlist and has a closing date of February the 28th. Two main categories as usual the International Poetry Prize and the Percy French Prize for Comic Verse. Something of a how to do about that last year as it seemed to stray off the beaten path but I won't go down that avenue as we've loads of judges up here and roads and you'd never know who you'd meet on a night out. Anyway the breakdown is...

Category I - The Strokestown International Poetry Prize
                     1st Prize- €1000 
                     2nd Prize- €500
                     3rd Prize- €200
                     3 x shortlisted readers fees of €100 each.

Category 2 - The Percy French Prize for Comic Verse

                      1st Prize- €300
                      2nd Prize-€200
                      5 x runner up prizes of €100 each. 

Rules and guidelines apply to the above categories and should be checked out on the website where full details and other info is available. Both online and postal entries are accepted and forms can be downloaded. Go and good luck! 

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