Thursday, March 16, 2023

St. Patrick's Day a poem by Jean Blewett.

St Patrick's Day Poem by Jean Blewett.

Looking for something to post to mark the occasion proved more than a little difficult as most of what's out there is not great and that's being kind. But maybe it's me. Anyway I came across this poem by the Canadian poet Jean Blewett (1862 - 1934) who is someone I would not be familiar with and settled for it because the sentiment seemed genuine. St Patrick's Day is now celebrated around the world and gives our politicians the opportunity to broaden their horizons while our own citizens watch the celebrations in overcoats both inside and out. What can you say? Posted by 'jeanakedpoetry' and read by Jean Aked and with thanks. Go to Wikipedia for info on Jean Blewett. 

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