Saturday, November 30, 2019

The Meath Writers' Circle 5th Annual Magazine 2019!

Meath Writers Circle 5th Annual Magazine 2019                Darby Print                €8

Tempted though I am to select many pieces for special mention here (some contributions are truly remarkable), I’ll keep shtum and let readers decide for themselves. But I will say that this book is beautifully produced and features works of fiction, memoir, history, ballad and performance poetry, essay and of course some nostalgia. And the real beauty is in the fact that this motley crew of writers come from every walk of life and every age group, from 8 to 80, with the ‘young poets’ section assuring the safety of poetry as an art form in the future. There are pieces here by experienced award-winners, too; they know who they are.

Cover design is by Eugene Kane and although there’s no credit given for the plates and illustrations throughout the book, it’s a highly polished publication. Copies are not available in the shops but can be purchased directly from Willie Hodgins at 086 1085528. At only €8 a copy it’s a steal and in fact you should buy two – one for yourself and one as a Christmas gift. There’s something for everyone in this gorgeous book.

Anne Cunningham/Book Reviews
The Meath Chronicle.

Thanks Anne

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