Saturday, September 24, 2016

"Leaving Galway" James Linnane.

"Leaving Galway" James Linnane.

This is the fourth book to date by James Linnane and his first book of short stories. Other books were titled, "Never take an Irishman seriously unless he's armed, The Life and Times of a Gotcha, and The Potless Generation" which was a book of poetry. What they all have in common is their irreverence and humour and often downright honesty whatever the situation and he will take you to places often you'd rather not go. And sometimes places you wish you could. No account of life in Dublin of the eighties would be complete without some reference to McDaids and he was there when anyone who was just about anyone graced its doors. His stories of Boston or New York or of growing up in Meath or Galway make for easy reading and his writing of the West Coast around San Diego is as good as it gets. The Book retails at €14 or $ 19.95 over on Amazon and there is an eBook version as well. Also available on eBay. The link to his website "Bookchat Corner" is over to the right if you wish to purchase a signed copy. James lives in Ballivor County Meath with his wife Karen and daughters Amber and Stephanie.    


James said...

My thanks to you Frank for all your help along the way.Sorry I can't get you a ticket to San Diego.It would be one heck of a trip if I could,I never saw any place remotely like it before or since. Be well.

Frank said...

Thanks James. Good luck with the book!