Sunday, April 17, 2016

Melodies at Eventide!

Melodies at Eventide/Rex Lee

A native of Kells, County Meath, Rex Lee was born on the 23rd of May 1939 to what he describes as a prognosis that was, "not good". His coping skills though and the indomitable will of his mother and others in his life would ensure that whatever his limitations he would enjoy a life that was in no way ordinary and that with regard to academic achievement or business interest. Out of desperation; and from the foreword by Peter McKevitt, "was born the philosophy of physical and mental compensation: by finding a faculty for the one he lost or never had" and cerebral palsy would not deter him in any way. His journey through life has been one of many fine accomplishments and exploits; and his book, "Melodies at Eventide" chronicles that journey and the insights to and of those he met along the way. The book ends with a poem, "The Star of Abyssinia" which was published in, "Poets for Africa: anthology for famine relief", edited by Lynda Moran (Navan, 1986) and proves that Rex has a talent for the poetic as well as prose. Rex Lee holds an Arts Degree from UCD and a Master's in Film Studies. The book is published by The Manuscript Publishers.

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