Monday, June 27, 2011

Trim Swift Festival 2011/Readathon!!

Marathon Reading Session!          

Jonathan Swift
Paddy Smith of the Boyne Writers' Group and Trim Swift Festival is holding a marathon 15-hour public reading of Jonathon Swift's Gulliver's Travels on Market Street in Trim County Meath starting on Friday the 1st and ending on Sunday the 3rd of July, details of which can be found at with the proceeds going to local charities (Aware). There is a €5 Euro charge per reader and I believe €2 Euro for those who want to listen. Still places for those who are interested and reader's certificates will be presented to all who take part.

Following on from the above I was listening to Newstalk this evening and the very interesting George Hook and none other than Michael Grahame of Boston are heading down Trim direction for the festival. Not known for taking prisoners (either of them) Euroweenies had better look out! The Round Table Discussion could be some Tea Party! Now if they stay around for the Sunday!

Photo: From Google Images.


Michael Farry said...

Sunday? Something on on Sunday?

Anonymous said...

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Frank said...

Sunday the 3rd of July! If they charge....

Frank said...

Well thanks, Anonymous!