Sunday, May 26, 2019

An Tobar/Poetry for Pleasure ~ May 2019!

An Tobar/Poetry for Pleasure ~ 2019!

The theme for last Tuesday night's get together at An Tobar was 'Schooldays' or something you learned from back then which brought out a few interesting contributions and poems. Chaired by Leona Rennicks the first poem read was by John Quinn, "For the Children of St. Mark's" followed by Eugene Kane reading one of his own, " Coolronan New School"  Thomas Hood's "I Remember, I Remember" came next followed by Zohar Dida's "There is a Normal Sadness" (Not familiar with that - must chase it up?) Read "Rooms and Canon" myself and this was followed by a poem from our first book called, "First Day" by Collette Gibson. "Vengeance is Mine" by Willie G. Hodgins was read by himself and was followed by "A Noble Boy" written by Mary Dow Brine. "Damson" by Seamus Heaney followed next and  "We Wear the Mask" by Paul Laurence Dunbar was also included. Eugene Kane finished off with "A Friend Is" and then out to refreshments and conversation. The group meet again on Tuesday the 18th of June with a theme on 'Summer'. All are welcome!  

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