Saturday, February 24, 2018

An Tobar/Poetry for Pleasure!

February Meeting!

The theme of last Tuesday night's meeting was one of humour and the poems of Ogden Nash were more than a favourite with some of our readers, though a wide and varied selection was recited to some applause. Humour being something of an uninvited guest at "poetry readings" it was refreshing to have it as the main theme and some of the poets whose work were included are, T. S. Elliot, Edward Lear, Reginald Arkell, Jenny Joseph, Pam Ayers, Eleanor Farjeon, John D. Sheridan, Amanda Ros, Vincent Caprani, Rose Milligan, Seamus O' Brien, John O' Brien and Robin Flower. Others whose poems were recited included Carol Owens, Willie G. Hodgins, Frank Murphy and a fine "Ode to Me" by Ronan Rogers.  "The Ballad of Gough" by Vincent Caprani is worth a go look see! Have to admit I'd never heard it before.

Avenue/An Tobar.

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