Wednesday, August 12, 2015

The Saskia Trilogy!

Eden Forest!

Eden Forest is the first in a series of novels by Meath Writer, Aoife Marie Sheridan, a parallel world where everyone has magical abilities or affinities and is the story of a girl who is the only person who can save it. The above novel taking first place in "Writers Got Talent" in 2013. A writer of poetry she won first place for two of her poems and had them published when she was just nineteen. She studied accountancy and worked in that field for many years until her passion for reading returned when she discovered Maria V Synder. Not too familiar with fantasy or magical stories although in truth we're surrounded by them and there was a time when almost every fireside gathering had  more than its fair share of stories of other worlds. This trilogy I'm sure adds to that and the Meath landscape has hardly a turn in the road without a story or ghostly tale.  I remember reading some of Lord Dunsany's a while back, of another world you could almost touch. Aoife Marie Sheridan has a number of other books published including parts two and three of the above and you can find out more about them at Here , or contact her at .


Aoife Marie Sheridan said...

Hi Frank thank you do much for the mention, its really appreciated. :)

Frank said...

Thanks for comment. Good luck with books!