Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Killeen Castle Story/John Donohoe

The Killeen Castle Story.
Killeen Castle

John Donohoe

Crowd Scene

Eoin Holmes

Eoin Holmes the cathaoirleach of Meath County Council was on hand to do the honours at the launch of John Donohoe's book The Story of Killeen on Friday night. The last "open" event to be held at the Castle before the start of the Solheim Cup it drew a large attendance and many for whom the game of golf is a good walk spoiled got to enjoy the ambiance and the openness of the surroundings for the last time. Killeen was never a walled in estate, as I think was mentioned during the speeches but it is now one that is no longer visible from the road and unless you are one of those who like to swing through with a golf club the road from Dunshaughin to Dunsany is all the poorer. 

The book though is a splendid production and touches lightly on the history of what it describes as a special place, From the coming of the Normans to the present day Killeen and its sister castle at Dunsany have been central to much of what makes up the history of Meath or indeed Ireland. Retailing at €10 Euro the book is sure to become a collector's item, and for many of those attending the Solheim Cup a souvenir of more than just a round of golf. 

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