Sunday, October 19, 2014

Boyne Berries 16

Boyne Berries 16

Boyne Berries 16 does as it says in the intro mark the transition from one editor to another with slight modifications or changes to the layout of the magazine. Michael Farry who was editor and guided it through its first fifteen issues now  hands over to Orla Fay who opens with a fine introduction and short piece from A.E. George Russell (The Children of Lir). The cover and art work was designed by Rory O' Sullivan whose handwritten poems have been a feature of this magazine from the beginning and indeed to mention Greg Hastings whose covers and art work on the previous were outstanding. The magazine opens with an interesting poem by John Saunders -Spectre- which touches on almost all bases (almost) and is a great one to lead off on. The key pattern by Susan Connolly likewise. The prose contributions are now to the back of the book and again there's some interesting and thought provoking stuff here. Worth getting your hands on a copy and links to both Michael Farry and Orla Fay to the right, also to the Boyne Writers website. If you're in Trim the local bookshops are sure have a copy. Price €8. Finally congratulations are in order to Michael Farry who was the winner of this year's Dromineer Poetry Prize. 

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

The Francis Ledwidge Poetry Award 2014!

The Francis Ledwidge Poetry Award 2014!

The closing date for this one is the 5th of November so that gives you about fifteen to twenty days to get your entries in. This is the sixteenth international poetry award and there is a trophy plus cash prizes for the winner with the first three being entered in the Forward Prize UK. The winner will receive the Ledwidge plaque inscribed with his or her name and also a cash prize with cash prizes and books for both second and third places. Merit certificates for all finalists. In addition the winner will be invited to read at the National War Memorial Gardens in July 1915. 

Rules: Poems must be the competitor's own work and not previously published or broadcast and should not exceed 40 lines. €4 per poem or €10 for three. Maximum six poems (€20) payable to The Inchicore Ledwidge Society.

Send to: The Francis Ledwidge International Poetry Award 2014.
               C/O 20, Emmet Crescent. Inchicore Dublin 8.

The winner will be notified and results will be announced at the annual awards night. 
Enquiries to 085 849 7531. Also check out Facebook page Inchicore Ledwidge Society.  

Sunday, October 12, 2014

The Meath Writers' Circle Oct 2014!

The Meath Writers' Circle Oct 2014!

About twelve people were in attendance for last week's meeting of the Meath Writers' Circle with some discussion on a future competition for schoolchildren and how best it might be realised, or such. Also an update on  the funds raised from the table quiz in Jack Quinn's and how best we might spend them. (Christmas Party!) After than it was poetry and a few stories before we adjourned, some to the festival in Bailieborough and others to a fundraiser in the Knightsbrook for the forthcoming launch of the poems of Felix Halton. (Both of them last night) And more on that to follow!

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Table Quiz/ Jack Quinn's Scurlogstown!

Table Quiz/ Jack Quinn's Scurlogstown!

Some of the winning team?

The above were some of the winning team in the Meath Writers' Circle table quiz in Jack Quinn's last Thursday night (minus Sean) and some of the questions were really hard! Google proofed and vaulted the prizes were supplied by Verona Pentony and the Writers' Circle would like to thank everyone who contributed in any way or brought sandwiches or spots etc. The takings will go towards the Christmas party or some such thing and just a reminder there's a meeting on this Thursday in the Trim Castle Hotel at seven thirty.   

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Bailieborough Poetry Festival!

Baileborough Poetry Festival!

From Google Images

The Bailieborough Poetry Festival runs from Thursday the 9th of October to Saturday the 11th so if you happen to be in that next of the woods or just "journeying" why not drop in for a while. The schedule is something as follows but check the website below for further or even full details. 

Thursday 9th: Opening of festival and exhibition of work by artist Rósín Duffy in Bailieborough Library at 8pm.

Friday 10th: Reading by Welsh poet Nerys Williams to mark the centenary of the birth of Dylan Thomas at 8pm in Murtagh's Lounge. Poetry and open mic in local pub.

Saturday 11th: Workshop by Nerys Williams in Bailieborough Library Arts Space at 10am to 12am. Presentation of poetry competition prizes followed by reading of short listed poems at 2pm.

Skirmish of the Writing Groups at 5pm in Murtagh's Lounge followed by an evening of poetry starting with local performance poet Patsy McDermott and this. followed by a reading by Iggy McGovern.

Full details:   Also see Michael Farry's site. Link to the right!    

The "Skirmish of the Writing Groups" invites local groups to send along a team of three to five members. Each group will be given a set period of time to read. (Probably 10 to 20 minutes).     

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

The Two Cow Satire!

The Two Cow Satire!

I came across this in a copy of the Ireland's Own a while back and though there was a fair degree of truth to the thing, and not a little humour but what the cows thought is another story. The milk of human kindness and all that. Anyway from Dan Conway's corner and I thought I might add a few pints myself. 

Socialism: you have two cows, you give one to your neighbour who promptly eats it and then complains because you won't give him the other one.

Communism: you have two cows, the state takes both, ties them up in red tape and when their udders burst shoots them. 

Bureaucrat ism: (EU) you have two cows. The state takes both, shoots one, milks the other and then throws the milk away. (Thanks Dan!)

Capitalism: you have two cows, the herd multiplies, the economy grows, supply exceeds demand, the bottom falls out of the market and the state collapses.

Fascism: you have two cows so you steal another two and then when your neighbour complains you shoot him 

Let them out on the long acre I say, there's grass for everyone and if they don't come back wait awhile and another two will come along depending on the season that's in it of course! And there's Blackberries and the air's free and the water's free,

From Google Images!
sure what more could you want?

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Table Quiz/The Meath Writers' Circle!

Table Quiz/The Meath Writers' Circle!

A table quiz to raise funds for the Meath Writers' Circle (That's Us!) will be held in Jack Quinn's of Scurlogstown on Thursday night next the 2nd of October, at nine thirty sharp! Well sharpish! Lost of prizes  and other things and plenty of spots for the raffle etc. Easy questions and you never know you and your table might win. Tables of four at €10 each or €40 per table. So if you happen to be in the vicinity why not drop in and try your luck .All welcome. Quiz Master will be Mr Willie G. Hodgins who is chairman of the group and we hope to see everyone there on the night.